Thursday, June 18, 2015

Time as Money: Time bank

This is a response to watching a movie called: "Time As Money" on June 18, 2015 at Clatsop Community College.

We must unlearn the economy of capitalism, and remember, or relearn the economy of community. I propose to you that when you feel a sense of belonging, feel safe, feel useful, you will feel better. who doesn't want to feel better. I believe that throwing (more) money at whatever our "problem" is will not lead us to feel better, maybe temporarily, but not long term. 

When you pay someone to do something, they do it, and I believe many times the heart is left out of the job. I think in the arena of time bank the heart is brought back into the picture. When time banks or something similar are used, social capital is built. This really means people get to know one another. 

When people live in closed boxes (houses), trust is lessened. When people pay strangers to do things for them, trust is diminished. When people choose to use a time bank dollar to pay someone, trust is increased. When people ask for help and when people receive help using time dollars, trust is strengthened. I believe trust is important--now more than ever.

In Samoa, people live in "fales" (houses) without walls. A house without walls creates a more open environment. It is becomes easier to ask for and receive things. The culture in Samoa is one of sharing. So it is normal to give and receive. It is expected. In our American culture, we are attempting to create something along those lines with the time bank concept. Samoan culture is tight knit. People know people know people that know you. So watch what you do. I believe that is why they are happy, much happier than we are as a society. The money does not create the happiness. Samoans have very little, by our standards. What they do have is worth much more than money.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Songs through the night

I went to the Astoria High School Festival Choral Concert on May 26. I was a bit late arriving, but I'm glad I went. The students were very professional. I enjoyed the songs "Come to Me Oh My Love" and "Fog Elna Kehl" the most. Port City Singers were excellent. I used to be a member of Port City--and still have the tape we recorded! Oh I must say the drummer needs to have a solo for the next concert;) I look forward to the next concert. Very nice job Mr. Pierce!

Have family will travel

A story about a family that travels the world to help in areas most do not see. Below is what I posted on their blog.

Round The World With Us

This is so awesome. I hope I can do something like this when I have a family. I recently returned from Peace Corps--a great eye opening, life changing experience. Just read article about you in UU World. "but I think that perhaps our everyday attitude in simple interactions is the foundation, and the rest grows out of that." Just this evening I was talking with someone who told he wanted to bring world peace. I asked him what he himself is doing in relationships with other people. This is important to me. You inspire me. Thank you. Matt

Saturday, May 07, 2011

pokey drivers save more money

a few old thoughts I had better post now..

Oregon historical society is celebrating 50th anniversary of peace corps by preparing a LARGE display/presentation. I have contributed a few “artifacts” from my samoan experience. The coordinator asks us more recent volunteers (post 2000): did you feel isolated with the new technology(ie. Cell phones/laptops). Here were my thoughts:
“we did have cell phones and most volunteers in samoa had a laptop I think.
I still felt isolated. I came to PC from boston, so it felt isolating to me ..kind of like the "back country".
and the fact I was one of the only white people "palagis" as the samoans called us.
i talked on the cell a lot..wrote in my blog, but I still had days of feeling very isolated.
it's a different feeling..sometimes hard to explain.
care packages and snail mail took 3-8 weeks travel time..maybe that's why it felt isolating..we weren't inside the 'system' that is the US..or developed world..
also the fact that we were on an island in the middle of a BIG ocean..that seemed isolating..”

why does it seem that the world is moving towards being so overreacting, over emotional ?
to me, an educated person should be able to control his/her emotions to work for him, not him as the slave to emotions.
Garden pics<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I’ve been referred as a “pokey” driver…I guess that means I drive slow(er) than everyone else. What’s the rush? We’ll all get there, some a few seconds before others.

a few random observations from a very windy, rainy,hailing day. I got a magazine, or brochure from University of Portland. UP is rated #1 in the nation (among peer institutions) for producing Peace Corps volunteers per capita. Go peace Corps! Go UP!
A friend was at the weight room today. He told me wants to lose weight. He was riding a stationary bike and reading a book. I never read or try to distract myself from my workout (well, I guess I like to listen to music, but not headphones). I think that your whole self should be involved in the workout—body,mind,spirit. Oh..there’s the Y’s (YMCA) motto…can’t get away from it..I guess I really like it.

“Money can be replaced. Time cannot be replaced.” I read this on a web site recently. How we use our time really does show what we value. I agree with this. Maybe that’s why I don’t want to have a lot of money. I’d rather use my time to help people than use my money. Hmmmm…
Convicted to serve..i feel this.
A regular, intentional, undesignated gift to our church…
Proud christian—irony.
Sinner and saint. Two sides of the same coin.
Since living in samoa, and eating food without any chemicals, I’ve been looking at lables in stores in the US. lots of interesting things and words I’ve never heard of and can’t pronouce. One of the most recent ones I looked up on the internet: “lactic acid starter culture”. This just sounded really strange to me. I thought lactic acid was something my body produced when I worked out, or rode my bike too hard. But to eat it? Yuck! Well, I guess it’s in food, people eat it, and the web sites I found talked about lactic acid starter culture in relation to food allergies. Since coming back from samoa, my stomach has felt “off”. It could be some kind of food allergy. Never thought I would have such a thing, since growing up I ate almost anything (except brussell sprouts and mushrooms).
I smile because I don’t want a snarled face, which is what I see on some people. I like my smile. Other people seem to like it too.
People seem to be \good at making the external look like what they want (car, face). What about the internal (confidence, self perception, faith)? Isn’t the unseen the more important?
is beeing a financial advisor going to separate me from my friends I have now?
FINANcianl advisor will hang with a different crowd than a non profit worker..
I really don't like to say I don't have enough money..and with this financial advisor job, maybe I will never have to say that again.
i think thrivent is the closest I will get to nonprofit atmosphere within financial hive.
sadness, surrender, service
The last definition came about because many entertainers and athletes (who are generally both wealthy and financially unsophisticated) had been "fleeced" by their so-called "financial advisors" and the SEC felt compelled to regulate them....always fleeced?
disclosure seems like a big issu
am I "enthusiastic and aggressive" enough?
Vision, hard work, and persistence are the 3 main "secret" ingredients for success.
there truly is nothing new under the sun..
did your venture create any sustainable jobs?
More importantly, it is the style and method that you approach people with which matters most. Using a non-aggressive approach each time will give you yardage on each initial contact. Keep an open mind, get a proper decision, and express interest in speaking in the future. If you follow these guidelines your party will not be annoyed, and will seek your business skills in the future.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Mr. Dessen has write will travel

Mr. Dessen was my English teacher and my swim team coach at Astoria High School. I remember him as strict and not smiling much. A high school student doesn’t always see eye to eye with his/her teachers. I didn’t like my english teacher because he was always hard on me and never let me relax. But you know, it’s one those things I can’t put my finger on, something about the imprint a teacher leaves only to bear fruit many years later. Many times, the teacher never sees the fruit. I understand a little better now what he was trying to do. Between Big D, Mrs. Hale, and my grandpa’s unceasing “enunciate and articulate” I think the important things have taken hold.


For Mr. Dessen

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.

Splashing having fun
A bit of the swim thing too.

Remember that kickboard
You threw at my head.

Long time ago indeed,
Boy you were a good aim.

This is Matt, Heather, and Kathleen.
We love you!

--matt Crichton

We miss you Mr. Dessen.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

darkness burns bright in astoria

please please please consider doing a backup of your important personal and work related computer files. My office building burned last week. It was not a pretty sight. as far as I know, no one was hurt, but at least a few businesses did not have backups. Not a good situation to be in. because I work for a financial company, we had backups, but the hard copies are, well, toasty, or now probably soaking wet.

Daily Astorian story (link is current as of 12/19,,,don't know if this is a perm link)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

christmas in samoana 2

more pics that are going to samoa..

christmas in samoana

Here are some pictures I'm going to print and send to my families in SAmoa. to try and explain american culture..well the part I experience anyway..

Saturday, October 09, 2010

catching a subaru to the 50th potluck

sorry, no pics this time...
So it has been a while since I wrote. Lots of …studying…for my series 7, series 66, and state insurance test—to become a registered representative with Thrivent Financial.
I like to walk outside late at night (eg. 9, 10, 11pm).
Tonight (Oct 9) was the first night I've had to use my rain jacket, and rain pants (I'm glad both were waterproof). It is a blustery, rainy night. I like being outside with there is a strong (cool) wind...something I didn't feel much of in are some catch up thoughts from my (written) journal (dating back to may 15, 2010). hope that's OK with you, the reader.
I don't like people that won't help themselves when the opportunity is present. My mom gets frustrated when I help her with the computer, but she won't take lessons from our community college. I think that better learning takes place when family members don't try to teach each other.

A trip to bagby hot springs in Mt. Hood national forest was fun, relaxing, and I love the forest, so what else is there to say? It's hard to keep that "just soaked" feeling. Next time, I want to bring: a welcome mat, towel to rest my head on, stay two nights, don't bring so much alcohol--we didn't drink more than half of it.

Driving back on HW 58 I saw two subarus going up (towards Timberline Lodge) as we were heading down. My car only has two wheel drive. We did hit snow, and I thought it a good idea not to continue. Maybe next time, when I have a subaru.
I thought of a cool subaru commercial:[see road cleaner. voice says] "that's so the other people, without a subaru can go skiing too." [pan to newest subaru]

memories of Samoa. I have three daily reminders of my time in a far away land: tattoo on my right arm, necklace carved out of paua shell, matai's necklace hanging in my car. I close my eyes and remember how it felt to swim through schools of blue, green, red fish. I miss that. Crust taro with warm coconut cream. I cringe when I see the coconuts in Safeway. They don't look so healthy. Not like the ones I cut open with my machete, after falling from the tree.

How's life now? a bit different.
It rains (sprinkles) a lot.
I swam for the first time (since returning from Samoa in May--6 months of no swimming. This time in a concrete hole (it just sounds bad when I say it that way). I found a part time job at Job Corps in Astoria,OR. It's during the evening, so it raelly kills my social life. Nice, but not a long term solution. Possible longer term solutions: financial consultant, or full time at Job Corps.I ride my bike at least once a week. I use a power mower to cut the grass, not a weed eater. the land (well, at least our yard) is much faltter than in Samoa. I volunteer as a Meals on Wheels delivery runner. I also tutor an adult student with his writing, reading, and computers.

In this neck of the woods people wake up very early and walk into the ocean, looking for little creatures called clams. I just get wet and cold. Go figure.
I'm waking up at 8am, going to sleep at 1 or 2am. 6 hours of sleep is usually good for me.
I'm staying with my mom, until the question of whether I move to another city or stay in this town is settled. as of now, it looks like I will be staying in Astoria for a while.
I make food: tortilla chips with curry/cumin, lasagna, enchiladas, and roasted strawberries. (and cardamom bread).

and now 10/9
I went to a yoga potluck...well a potluck at a new yoga studio. It's small, but cozy and I thought good use of space. The lights were too bright for me, but they were showing off art work, so I guess it was needed. I hope there is less light for the yoga classes. The name of the studio is Lotus Yoga Studio.

I have my nose glued to my computer studying for my three tests to become a registered representative with Thrivent Financial.I have no girlfriend, for those of you who are curious. I need ALL my time to study to pass my tests, so I feel guilty even writing this..oh well.

There is a 50th anniversary Peace Corps exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society in Portland,OR. I submitted my war club, lavalava, shirt, and some writings.